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Saint or Hypocrite? Technology Can Confirm the Real Aamir Liaquat

By 17 August 2011 29 Comments

“Everyone knows it is a world of technology. They have manipulated and tempered [sic] few clips and dubbed the abusive worlds [sic] in my voice,” tweeted Dr Aamir Liaquat in the aftermath of the recent video scandal (see the video below) that quickly went viral this past weekend. The video consists of several unflattering clips of the TV personality filming his show and reveals what many believe is Liaquat’s “true face.”

Dr Aamir Liaquat’s official bio states that he is a renowned Islamic scholar, the executive director of television channel ARY Digital and the managing director of its Islamic channel, QTV. He was the host of “Aalim Online” on GEO TV and currently hosts a religious show on ARY. Drama is not new to Liaquat. He has been at the centre of multiple controversies, from getting a PhD in 20 days to arousing sectarian strife – including, but not limited to, a statement that led to the killing of three prominent Ahmadis in 2008 and involved abusive language targeted at Islamic holy personages.

In the newly surfaced video, the publicly modest-looking Islamic scholar can be seen using abusive and derisive language in recorded outtakes of his programme. He is shown swearing, casually and routinely letting off the vernacular for “mother fu**er”, “pimp” and “sister fu**er,” etc., during conversations. The “Aalim” also appears to be big on Bollywood, for which he has quite a varied taste (“Ghalib movie dekhi hai?”). In one clip, he tries to remember a certain actor from a movie song who he says is notorious for rape scenes.

The video gets particularly opprobrious and the histrionic Liaquat appears to take a deeper plunge into his sea of disgust when he shows cold insensitivity to a female caller’s question on “rape and suicide.” Anyone having the slightest bit of dignity and shame wouldn’t burst into a guffaw like that. The video also confirms that at least some calls in his former GEO programme were planted.

Liaquat has claimed that the tape is doctored, and he is frantically pointing fingers in every direction. He initially blamed his previous employer (GEO TV), then said it was a conspiracy by those who did not want him to “spread the true essence of Islam in Ramazan,” and has lately also implicated groups that he said were against the finality of prophethood. But what most people are thinking about is not blame: it is whether, other than Liaquat’s confused berserk behaviour, there is any evidence the tape is genuine.

As soon as the video surfaced on YouTube, it was removed by GEO TV, who stating copyright claims. Quick they were, but late by modern standards. The video had been downloaded and was re-uploaded a gazillion times to multiple video-hosting sites. Interestingly, GEO kept pulling down the videos one after another in a hurried frenzy.

They failed, but, in the process, furnished strong proof of the video’s authenticity. The tape’s credibility was further improved when the Aalim later verified that the clips were indeed taken from GEO’s archives. If it was truly GEO that had planned Liaquat’s defamation, the hot pursuit of the videos was indeed smartly scripted.

Aamir Liaquat

No one seems to buy Liaquat’s “dubbed” argument. An expert who wishes to remain anonymous stated that he believed the voice was indeed Liaquat’s and that no level of expertise could manoeuvre the video to construct perfect synchrony between his hands (e.g. clapping) and lip movements and the words he uttered. There seems to be a very slight audio lag in later uploads of the tape, but the expert consulted said this was not surprising, given the repeated cycles of downloading and uploading the digital video has endured.

But if it indeed was dubbed, nothing short of the release of the ‘original’ untouched version of the clips would serve as proof of Liaquat’s truth and innocence. With such significant humiliation, Liaquat could very easily take the legal recourse of having the ‘originals’ released. It would be interesting to see what he was actually saying while clapping his hands if not singing “hai agar dushman, dushman.” It would be of equal interest to see what he was actually saying when he made those crude gestures at 1:57 and 2:11 minute marks. Did he actually laugh at the woman’s question or was that cackle overdubbed? If Liaquat is in the right, he shouldn’t desist from providing us with these answers.

The Aalim denies outright the tape’s authenticity and says anti-Islam elements are behind its release. Like Hamid Mir did in the recent past, Liaquat might succeed by exploiting the illiteracy and naivete of his listeners. The lack of accountability will only help. After all, his fake degree and his hate speech went unchecked in the past. However, in this world of technology, it is impossible for him to keep functioning for long. Unless he presents the ‘originals’ Liaquat will definitely lose most of his supporters on social media sites and many of the more discerning in Pakistani television audiences.

Liaquat is either a saint or a hypocrite. In the interests of accountability, we must allow Liaquat the opportunity to prove his innocence (one more time). If he is blameless, whoever tailored the “fake” videos must be reprimanded (or made head of the Pakistani filmmaking industry). Ruining someone’s character is surely a serious crime. However, if Liaquat is hesitant to come forward with the ‘originals,’ he should be taken to account for the deception of millions on television and for continued hypocrisy in the name of faith. If any television channels continue to host him still, they should also be taken to task for fraudulent conduct and boycotted in protest. What will Liaquat say next? Was he cloned for the tape? It’s a world of technology, after all.


Watch the video here:


Kashif N. Chaudhry is a graduate of King Edward Medical College in Lahore and is presently completing his medical residency at Mt Sinai Hospital in New Jersey. He can be found on twitter @KashifMD.

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  • shafi said:

    very nice analysis, very well done kashif Bhai!!

  • maulabus said:

    ڈاکٹر مولانا عامر لیاقت کی قسمت ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اب اس پر زیادہ کیا تبصرہ کیا جائے کہ ایک ایسا آدمی جو نہایت ہی بازارو قسم کی گندی زبان کا استعمال کرنے میں ید طولیٰ رکھتا ہو ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ جس کو اس بات کی حیا ہی نہ آتی ہو ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ جس زبان سے حضرت محمد عربی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کا بابرکت نام لیا جا رہا ہو اسی زبان سے گند بھی بکا جا رہا ہو۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اگر یہ توہین رسالت نہیں ہے تو پھر توہین رسالت کیا ہوتی ہے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ میں پوچھتا ہو
    علامہ ابتسام الہی ظہیر سے
    علامہ قاضی حسین احمد سے
    علامہ طارق جمیل سے
    علامہ منور حسن سے
    علامہ مفتی منیب سے
    علامہ طاہر القادری سے
    علامہ لیاقت بلوچ سے
    علامہ مبشر لقمان سے
    علامہ حامد میر سے
    علامہ عرفان مشہدی سے
    اسی طرح تمام علما کے گروہوں سے
    کہ اگر ڈاکٹر عامر لیاقت کی یہ حرکت توہین رسالت نہیں ہے تو پھر توہین رسالت کیا ہوتی ہے

  • salman said:

    your article is as disgusting as the clip itself if not more. Detailing the swear words and going to the details such as gestures @… and embedding the video at the bottom to ensure anyone who hasn’t watched it yet, could do so easily. Sick

  • Naveed Malik said:

    Dr sb as people call this so called scholor is infact a patient of worldly lust and extreme ignorance. Allah has had enough with his mischievous endeavors and finally shown the whole world his real face

  • Mirza Imran Ahsan said:

    He is a hypocrite portraying a sham image of himself to the naive TV audiences who listen to his programmes. Using such language by a “religious scholar” and a person who portrays himself a pious person is unthinkable. He should be sacked from all TV channels.

  • faraz khan said:

    he is a fraud just like all the maulvis and clergymen are .these people just prey on the insecurities and fears of the masses.they use religion to increase their credibility and respect amongst people.all these religous people have a sense of power over their followers by using religious texts in a foreign language which none amongst the masses understand.
    the people especially the housewives who were amir’s most ardent fans should take a long look at themselves and their willingness to worship anyone who talks about religion.a lot of women will shift from this charlatan to another ex-singer who is using religion to further his business interests be it in the form of a meat chain or designer clothes.

  • Hamid Bajwa said:

    @Salman: Dear Mr Aamir Liaquat, why use a fake name? At least let something remain real :P . Like the author says, “If Liaquat is in the right, he shouldn’t desist from providing us with these answers.” Good luck digging the “originals.”

  • jman said:

    There is no doubt in my mind that these clips are real…If they are fake..then are amazing fakes. These people should be given medals ( oh wait, the ministers got those).

    DALH is a sham. Plain and simple. Now take off your Dulha suit and assume the position!

    Wonder why the fingers are being at Junaid Jamshed in one of these comments?

  • nasir said:


  • sabahat said:

    it’s not a mere coincidence that this eyes opening video showed up on cyberspace on august 14 – Pakistan’s independence day. i wish and pray that ignorant Muslims stop following such fake mullahs and get liberty of thought and be independent from such liars and hypocrites; thus making this date a mark of refusal to follow these fakes.

  • Bilal said:

    \”Ruining someone’s character is surely a serious crime.\”

    Some people should remember when Dr. Aamir Liaquat was tried to ruin character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani – the Imam Mehdi and Promised Messiah. If Mirza Sahib was really a prophet from God Almighty, then this were to happen with Dr. Aamir.

    Whatever goes around, comes around.

    Such is this world. Strange?

  • Muhammad Sumair said:

    Interesting analyze by Kashif. This video surely defame Aamir Liaquat and he has to come forward to provide Originals and has to repentance on-air.

  • Vanguard said:

    There are two things I find amazing in this whole episode:

    1. People realizing now that Aamir Liaquat is a charlatan. It was obvious from day one.

    2. But more importantly, everyone even this magazine is ignoring GEO’s nefarious role in this. They milked him for 6 years. They had those tapes for 6 years but they continued to portray him as an evangelist. However, when he joins ARY, Geo releases the tape sending email links to popular blogs ensuring it gets wide distribution and then playing a game of copyright infringement and taking the video down.

    Aamir Liaquat is a charlatan so that is what he did. Why doesn’t anybody ask GEO why did they continue promoting him for so many years when they knew and even recorded such stuff.

  • Tariq Shaikh said:

    He is a clown and should betreated as such. He is not Aalim and with his test for fashion and continued changes in appearances at a frequent intervals revealed a masked and dual personlaity. We should also leave this aspect to Psychologists to reveal the hidden meaning of his behaviour and changes in appearances. But he should be finished for good from the Religious segment of media. Other wise people will loose faith from religion itself.

  • Tariq Shaikh said:

    Mr. Bilal

    Aamir liaquat is a liar and a clown. But Qadianis should not take heart and claim their innocence based on a murky character of some TV program. We believe in the finality of prophet Muhammad Salallah-o-Alaih-wasallam because of our belief on Allah and Quaran and not because of Clown and liar (The fake) Doctor Aamir Liaquat.

  • mddesign said:

    @bilal: can you tell where and how exactly mirza died?

  • Ali said:

    I am not in favour of Dr Aamir, But look other way,ARY ratting drops suddenly after this Video. Think it from business perspective.

  • Usman Shahid said:

    Well I have read a lot about this issue. So what the public knows his reality and so what he is a bad ass? Point is that he is still in the media doing programs as he was doing before and our mainstream media didn’t say a word about this matter. All is well for them and will always be. They are all scumbags, as big as he is himself, so get over this useless discussion and do something useful.

  • Usman Shahid said:

    [This comment has been removed.]

  • lina said:

    049. 011: O you who believe! let not (one) people laugh at (another) people perchance they may be better than they, nor let women (laugh) at (other) women, perchance they may be better than they; and do not find fault with your own people nor call one another by nicknames; evil is a bad name after faith, and whoever does not turn, these it is that are the unjust.

    O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, ye would abhor it…But fear Allah: For Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.

  • Muhammad Mustafa Mustaan said:

    السلام علی من التبع الهدی
    I am saying this because here are some Non Muslims/Qadyanies. I am saying it from my own account so all know I am not Amir Liaqat. I would recite the Dua of الله انی اعوذبک من فتنه النسا والدجال والرجل i am doing this becasue the Mirza Kazzab Qadyanies and Yusuf Kazzabies are behind this deal and what if they make something against me.

    I am not rejecting nor accepting the video, as frankly I DON’T know, but what is clear that behind all this thing is, GEO (USAID funded TV), Qadyanies and Zaid Hamidies (Yousuf Kazzabies)! Whatever he is, he is a million time better than these Murtaddeen!

    I repeat that I am not sure, if this is him or not him. I am not sure of his charector, but I am sure of one thing as he stated all the time on his shows that he is a Muslim and still a billion times better than Murtaddeen.

    Watching his last clip where he promised to talk to ARY officials for not interviewing Zaid Hamid as defense analyst, this was going to happen!

    It MIGHT BE TRUE that he has done all these things والله علم but oh Muslims, don’t forget to not be fooled by these Kazzabies of Yousuf Kazzab and Mirza Kazzab and the tail of the Fox (GEO)!

    again: والسلام علی من التبع الهدی

  • Hamid Bajwa said:

    @Mustafa: The author has clearly stated that even with this blatant exposure of Liaquat, some will still blindly believe him. It is not a surprise that the Ahmadis and Jews are blamed for the video release. We are a nation in denial and we love to remain in that state – it is far easier than holding the real hypocrites in society to account.

    You are sure of just one thing, that he is a Muslim because he stated this a million times in his program. Just to remind you, Ahmadi Muslims also state this obvious fact about themselves. Are you sure verbal attestation is your only criterion?

    Please shun hatred and tread the path of love. God enable you and give you the courage to do so, remember to hate is easy, to love divine. We have blamed our wrongdoings on Ahmadis, Jews, USA, India etc all these 64 years. Time we demonstrated some responsibility and sanity.

    One last thing, You also blamed this on GEO, calling it a US agent. Be reminded, Liaquat is a creation of this same GEO! Wake up for Pakistan’s sake or keep sleeping in the dark.

  • Muhammad Mustafa Mustaan said:

    Brother Hamid Bajwa;

    My reply was to those who were Mirza Kazzabies and Yousuf Kazabies! I hope you are not one of them. I don’t hate or I don’t love them, for me there is no difference between them and any other Mushrik. I personally have no problem with them, and there are some of them would attest this (if they were considered for). I also said that I don’t reject or approve, and I am not the man of authority. I am also saying to not be like common Pakistani man who in last 64 years went the way others told them to. if in one hand i tell them not to follow Amir Lyaqat, I also tell them not to be fooled by those who are not Muslim anymore and are Mushrik and by those who would do anything if in turn they are paid some bones!

    Regarding one being a Muslim and another calling himself a Muslim man, it is clear, that Amir has not denied the fact that Muhammad SAS is the last prophet (which is clearly stated in Quran) while these few Mushriks do clearly admit that.

    Please go back and read my comment and I hope this time it should have been clarified!

  • Muhammad Mustafa Mustaan said:


    MashaAllah, you said the Haq

  • Muhammad Mustafa Mustaan said:

    And now that my position is clear on murtaddeen, I will say that the video can hardly be denied that this is none else but himself.

    Geo from now on will blackmail each and everyone who is going in against of the given via agenda and their semi Jews in Pakistan

  • S Qamar said:

    He should be Banned. All Progrmmes Guiding All the Muslims.

    Stop All News. Geo is Promoting Its Business and Nothing Else. All News Channels should be Banned as these are Ruining the Dignity of Pakistan & Muslim.

    Altaf Hussain of MQM doing the Same in Karachi.

    Both These should be Banned.

  • S Qamar said:

    Kick Out

    M M Q M M
    M M M M Q Q M M M M
    M M M M Q Q M M M M
    M M M Q Q M M M
    M M Q Q Q M M
    M M Q Q Q M M
    M M Q Q Q M M

    Why MQM is giving so Value. It should be Banned.complex

  • Ahmad said:

    عامر لیاقت بیمار دماغ کا انسان ہے

  • Saj said:

    Please share with us your anonymous voice expert? Strange how an article titled how technology can confirm the real liaquat resorts to anonymous sources for it’s analysis. I would question your credibility and your reasons for righting it? All I can see is a cheap shot at Liaquat.

    As to your comment about illiteracy of the viewers, have you done any research or is just that you are studying in America and write in English you feel entitled to look down on those Pakistanis who didn’t get a chance to have an education.

    As to whether it is Liaquat or not I couldn’t care less. If it is him he should apologise and learn the lessons from it. If anybody wants to watch him they are free to do so.