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[November 27, 2014 | No Comment | ]
A Lover’s Quarrel?

“What had, for all this time, been a thread of scarlet in Pakistan’s political fabric is now fading into a strand of grey. And therein lies a tragedy of Greek proportions.”

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[27 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
Book Review: Butterfly Season

Indireads’ new novella, Butterfly Season, is flittingly enjoyable, but doesn‘t quite make the pulse quicken…

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[27 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
Medicine for the Soul

Alongside mainstream medicine, music and art are being used to treat mental health problems around the world, and Pakistan needs to follow cue.

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Art Review: Gohar Qalam

Gohar Qalam’s calligraphy is almost divine in both its art and soul.

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[25 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
The Privatisation Illusion

According to the myth of private sector superiority, the private sector is efficient and dynamic, while the public sector is wasteful and slow. But a closer look tells a different story.

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[25 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
The Healthcare Business

The commercialisation of medical education in Pakistan – driven by lax regulatory authorities, prospective students and their parents – has increased the overall cost of healthcare in the country.

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[21 Nov 2014 | No Comment | ]
Movie Review: Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler is yet another Jake Gyllenhaal picture in which profound content is merged beautifully with an outstanding performance by the actor.

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Jail Babies

Young children sent to jail along with their mothers, who have been imprisoned for assorted crimes, straddle a strange divide between two worlds.