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Law and Injustice

By overruling the terrorism charge against self-proclaimed assassin Mumtaz Qadri, the Islamabad High Court sets the tone for the direction Pakistan’s ideology is taking.

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End of Freedom?

The government’s proposed cybercrime bill seems designed to muzzle dissent and curb free speech as we know it.

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The Other Sex and the City

They appear a merry lot – exultant in their own existence. But behind this façade is the grim truth of a hijra’s solitary life, stigmatised and perilously vulnerable.

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Man on a Mission

Unlike the mercurial Karzai, Dr Ashraf Ghani managed to win friends and influence people on Capitol Hill on his recent trip to the US.

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One Company at a Time

If Pakistan’s youth are provided environments where mobility is incentivised through merit, the entire work culture would change.

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Highs and Lows

After a bullish year, the stock market reverts to type.

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Interview: Governor State Bank of Pakistan

The Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan speaks to Newsline about increasing autonomy for the State Bank and the country’s economic challenges.

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Down and Out

The Pakistan team may have returned home empty-handed – but not without a few moments of glory.