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Newsline (www.newslinemagazine.com in Pakistan) and Hardnews (www.hardnewsmedia.com in India), both English-language monthly publications, have stood for independent journalism. We have decided to enter into a media partnership which will offer readers a selection of articles from each other’s publications – from the print and online versions. Henceforth, readers on both sides will be able to catch up with important issues and gain insight into the political and cultural developments in each other’s countries.


Seven years ago, Hardnews was conceived as a reaction to the dumbing down that was taking place in the mainstream media in India. Newspapers, magazines and television were celebrating trivia and giving precedence to lifestyle and fluff. It was (and continues to be) a phase of terrible political and social decline, with stunning mediocrity and celebrity success replacing aesthetic refinements, deeper intellectual pursuits and cultural high points. The big picture had become shallow and metro-centric. Hence the urge and need for hard news.

Hardnews is entirely owned and run by media professionals and has no support of a corporate house or a political party. Central to its existence is the search to find ways and means to sustain an independent media in these difficult times. Global slowdown and the way it is haemorrhaging the media in the affluent West is making this task all the more difficult. Hardnews believes that for emerging countries such as India’s, media has a major responsibility to keep the government and the political and corporate elite on their toes.

Read more about Hardnews here.


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