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[2 Apr 2005 | Comments Off | ]
Mood Couture

Casual kurtis are now standard fare around the globe. But there’s little that’s standard about the treatment they are given at the hands of designer Sanya Muneer.

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[8 Mar 2005 | Comments Off | ]
Interview: Sherry Rehman

“There is a long way to go before women measure their success as politicians by what they have been able to achieve for other women,” says Sherry Rehman, Head of Central Policy Planning, PPP.

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[8 Mar 2005 | Comments Off | ]
Interviews of Women Parliamentarians

Pakistan’s dynastic and feudal politics has been a major stumbling block in a woman’s march to the corridors of power.

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[8 Sep 2004 | Comments Off | ]
Under Scrutiny

In the transformed post-9/11 world, Muslim students studying abroad are not only representatives of their countries, but also ambassadors of their faith.

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[8 Sep 2004 | Comments Off | ]
Into the Unknown

Despite a lack of college counselling, more Pakistani students are making their way abroad now than ever before.

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[11 May 2004 | Comments Off | ]
Blow Haute, Blow Cold

With yet another long, scorching summer ahead, fashionistas face their annual sartorial dilemma: how to combine style with comfort?

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[6 Apr 2004 | Comments Off | ]
Absolut Mandarin!

Filling the vacuum between high-end expensive jewellery and the ordinary unexciting stuff flooding jewellery stores, comes The Mandarin Collection.

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[10 Nov 2003 | Comments Off | ]
A License to Kill

Pakhtun notions of honour continue to sanction violence against women.

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[3 Aug 2003 | Comments Off | ]
Inspiration’s New Face

In this exclusive for Newsline, miniature painter and fashion photographer, Usman Saeed, paints and transforms veteran model Aaminah Haq into five distinctive and coherent entities

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[1 Aug 2003 | Comments Off | ]

“I will never work with the Lahore film industry again,” says Samina Peerzada.