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Rahimullah Yusufzai is a Peshawar-based senior journalist who covers events in the NWFP, FATA, Balochistan and Afghanistan. His work appears in the Pakistani and international media. He has also contributed chapters to books on the region.

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[16 Apr 2015 | Comments Off | ]
Man on a Mission

Unlike the mercurial Karzai, Dr Ashraf Ghani managed to win friends and influence people on Capitol Hill on his recent trip to the US.

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[26 Jan 2015 | Comments Off | ]
Cover Story: State of Denial

Unless Kabul and Islamabad decide to roll back their policies, AfPak relations will
continue to be plagued by uncertainty.

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[13 Dec 2014 | Comments Off | ]
War Without End

Despite the army’s wide-ranging successes in its military operation, the militant threat refuses to go away.

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[15 Oct 2014 | Comments Off | ]
ISIS: The New Player

The appearance of ISIS literature in Afghan refugee camps in Peshawar sends alarm bells ringing across the country.

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[22 Jul 2014 | Comments Off | ]
The ‘Foreign’ Hand

Besides the TTP and Al-Qaeda, Pakistan has to contend with a deadly foreign militant group – the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

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[25 Jun 2014 | Comments Off | ]
At War With Itself

Will the split within the TTP ranks help restart the stalled peace process or will it set the stage for further bloodshed in Pakistan?

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[19 May 2014 | Comments Off | ]

Who will win round two of the Afghan presidential elections: former foreign minister, Dr Abdullah Abdullah, or former finance minister, Dr Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai?

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US-Pak Relations: Now Ally, Now Alien

What went down at the Chicago Summit? How will instability in Afghanistan affect Pakistan? Will the US finally make up its mind regarding what role the Taliban will play in ending the Afghan conflict? Rahimullah Yusufzai ponders these questions in the June cover story.

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[22 Jun 2012 | Comments Off | ]
Controversial Conviction: Dr Shakeel Afridi

Dr Shakeel Afridi has been sentenced 33 years in prison, but if the US had its way, he would be feted as a hero.

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Pakistani Journalists Under Siege

Forty-nine journalists have died of violence in the country since 2002 and most belong to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).