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[30 Sep 2009 | One Comment | ]
Against the Odds

A spinal chord injury has not stopped Umair Pirzada from living life to the fullest.

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[23 Aug 2009 | Comments Off | ]
Classic Beauties

Passionate about collecting and restoring classic cars, Raja Mujahid Zafar is determined to put his vintage collection on public display as part of the country’s national heritage.

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[21 Aug 2009 | Comments Off | ]
Life Beyond the Concerts

Shehzad Roy may have risen to fame as a singer, but his commitment to Zindagi Trust reveals a deeper side.

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[1 Jul 2009 | Comments Off | ]
A Passion for Words

The passing of well-loved poet and journalist, Kaleem Omar has left a void in the field of Pakistan’s English language poetry.

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[4 Jun 2009 | Comments Off | ]
Candid Camera

“We have to inculcate the ethos of volunteerism and schools and colleges should be the centres of such an effort. We can no longer afford to fail Pakistan. Otherwise our children will never forgive us.” – Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

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[4 Jun 2009 | Comments Off | ]
Animal Kingdom

Trying my best to avoid puddles and animal faeces, I struggle to keep up with Veronique Ahmed, who was born and brought up in eastern France, but knows her way around the animal section of the Empress Market like a pro. Dressed in shalwar kameez and a pair of sandals, with her hair firmly pushed back into a ponytail – save for her short bangs which she unconsciously tries to push away from her forehead – Veronique could easily blend into the crowd.

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[3 May 2009 | Comments Off | ]

One who was above mundane things like protocols and wealth, a man of integrity, humility and intellect, Justice Sabihuddin Ahmed will be missed. His death comes as a great loss to Pakistan’s judiciary and to all those who knew him. In fact, at the Sindh High Court, senior lawyers say that for the first time even the otherwise composed judges were unable to control their sentiments and wept during his reference.

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[2 May 2009 | One Comment | ]

Iqbal Bano’s death is a grim reminder of the fact that the true practitioners of classical music are dying, as is the golden era of music in the country.

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[5 Apr 2009 | Comments Off | ]
A Star Bows Out

Sabihuddin Ghausi stressed the power of facts. Tell your story as simply as possible: a news story based on strong facts does not need the crutches of adjectives and flowery language, remained the crux of his message. And he practiced what he preached – both in his incisive news reports and his articles.

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[17 Mar 2009 | Comments Off | ]

Tiramisu offers a culinary path that few in Islamabad have ventured into.