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Improbable Alliance

Given the ideological divide between the BJP and the PDP, will their alliance government in Jammu and Kashmir hold for the next six years?

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Incubators for Radicalisation

The incident concerning an Israel stall at a MUN event at the International Islamic University in Islamabad is a prime example of right-wing forces dominating educational spaces in Pakistan.

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Guide to Flawless Skin

Some simple tips on how to camouflage skin discolouration.

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Book Review: Power Failure

Abida Hussain’s memoir is a formidable addition to the anthology of confessions, and she emerges as an upright and credible chronicler of events.

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Political Circus

Anwar Maqsood ka Dharna is a reminder of something we’re all aware of at some level – that politics is the quintessential theatre of the absurd.

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Culprits or Scapegoats?

The real actors behind Punjab’s most recent fuel shortage got away, as the centre passed the buck onto someone else.

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The Emblem of Terror

Considering its history and recent events, the Lal Masjid has become an emblem of terror in Pakistan. But is the mosque a mere symbol of terror, or is it still a veritable security threat?

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Past vs Present

A clear departure from Khan’s debut feature, Slackistan, Anima State is a simple reckoning with the state of affairs in Pakistan, be they political or social, the state of the youth or of the media.