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The Healthcare Business

The commercialisation of medical education in Pakistan – driven by lax regulatory authorities, prospective students and their parents – has increased the overall cost of healthcare in the country.

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Movie Review: Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler is yet another Jake Gyllenhaal picture in which profound content is merged beautifully with an outstanding performance by the actor.

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Jail Babies

Young children sent to jail along with their mothers, who have been imprisoned for assorted crimes, straddle a strange divide between two worlds.

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Speaker’s Corner: From Democratic ‘Insufficiency’ to ‘Stability’

Unless and until Pakistan is allowed to go through at least three to five election cycles, a stable and functioning democracy will not take root in the country.

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Book Review: Rebel Angel

Rebel Angel captures the meteoric life of the nova that was Asim Butt.

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Uneasy Partners

If Pakistan’s civilian and military agencies do not learn to work in tandem, the institutional imbalance in civil-military relations will persist.

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The Genesis of ‘Peoples’ Power’

It began as the dream of an idealistic young group, but the PPP began to unravel even before it had attained maturation.

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Finding Islam

The spread of Islamism in the West has had an unusual effect on the youth in North America, where liberal Islamists, many of them women, have turned it into a quest for social justice and identity.