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The ‘Wired’ Activist

Sabeen Mahmud was a techie on a mission. Her goal was intellectual poverty alleviation – to “shake us out of a dangerous state of lethargy.”

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The Frontiers of Education

It will take generations and gumption to make the country’s remote northern regions education-friendly, but spunky NGOs, teachers, parents and children are taking up the challenge.

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Seats on Sale

Whether conducted by Bonapartist generals or civilians, all general elections since 1970 have been tainted by corrupt practices.

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End of the Devolution Dream?

The traditional war of turf between the federal and provincial governments stymies any progress on the 18th Amendment.

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Obituary: Tahira Mazhar Ali

A woman of strong convictions, Tahira Mazhar Ali will be remembered for her valiant struggle against oppression.

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The End of Innocence

For thousands of children in Pakistan – the victims of violence and sexual abuse – the age of innocence is a luxury they never enjoy.

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Make-up Myth Busters

Some common make-up myths are busted!

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The Wild and the Wonderful

This year’s Fashion Pakistan Week show- cased everything from an inverted basket converted into headgear to intricately embroidered gowns with drama.