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Cover Story: White Shrouds and Black Flags

If various splintered Taliban factions unite under the banner of ISIS, Pakistan may see yet more blood and gore in the coming days.

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Photo Gallery: Faizaan Peerzada Retrospective

A retrospective exhibition of Faizaan Peerzada’s painting added some warmth to the Lahore winter.

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In Memoriam: Najma Sadeque

Throughout her career, Najma Sadeque raised her voice for the wronged and disenfranchised.

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Fixing the Vote

Election reform has taken centre stage on the political agenda. Will the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms be able to institute the necessary systemic reforms to the satisfaction of all parties?

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Death is Not the Answer

Pakistan has lifted the moratorium on capital punishment. But can we afford the price of responding to terror with terror?

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Debate: Is the Death Penalty an Effective Deterrent?

Whose interests does the moratorium on capital punishment protect?

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Cover Story: “The Smallest Coffins are the Heaviest.”

The outpouring of grief and anger in the wake of the Peshawar attack has jolted the state apparatus into action. But the government needs to take a hard look at its policies if it is to root out the scourge of terrorism.

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Editor’s Note: Annual 2015

There is no room for wavering or backtracking. Or making any distinction between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ Taliban. The flawed national security policy has to be laid to rest forever.