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Interview: Omar Shahid Hamid

“The police has to be the biggest badmaash of the area”

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Interview: Saba Gul

“Pakistan needs more people to think outside the box, ” says the CEO of Popinjay

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Pakistan’s Solar Solution?

In a country where energy demand exceeds supply, and conventional resources are dwindling, it may be time to look toward alternatives.

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Book Review: Karachi, You’re Killing Me!

Humour is the biggest strength of debut novelist Saba Imtiaz’s smart, snappy chick lit novel on the absurdities of life in Karachi.

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Revisiting the Women’s Movement

The women’s movement in Pakistan has lost its vim and vigour, and desperately needs to take on board young blood and grassroots workers.

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The Art of Subversion

Visual artist Muzzumil Ruheel attempts to subvert our unquestioning reverence for anything Arabic with his provocative canvas.

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Moenjodaro: Culture at a Cost

The Sindh Festival’s cultural counteroffensive was big on pomp and show. But is Bilawal Bhutto’s myopic disregard for Pakistan’s most treasured historical site a worrying sign?

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Editor’s Note: March 2014

Why are we so outraged by the doctored image of the father of the nation – if only to make a point? Why aren’t we outraged by those who have actually disfigured this country?