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Book Review: Street Smart

Rumana Husain’s Street Smart captures the spirit of Karachi and its myriad fascinating characters, who lend the city its rich cultural flavour.

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Balochistan’s Tragic Saga

Only a constitutional, not a military, solution to Balochistan’s socio-political problems will bring back the province from the abyss of darkness.

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Classic Film Review: Strangers on a Train

Bruno Anthony has a theory: if two men murder two strangers, the murderers can never be caught since no motive can be established between each man and his victim.

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In Search of a Home

Forced to live as prisoners of the state in makeshift camps in Burma, the Rohingya are seeking sanctuary in neighbouring states, but few are inclined to take them in.

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Editor’s Note

If the practitioners of democracy want to save democracy from adventurist generals, they will have to stop defrauding the awam with slogans of roti, kapra aur makan.

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Double Whammy

After more than four days without electricity during last week’s merciless heatwave, this frustrated Karachiite reached out to K-Electric’s top brass – and was taken aback by their response.

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Book Review: The Spinner’s Tale

The Spinner’s Tale delves into the world of Karachi’s home-grown jihadis….

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Movie Review: Dil Dhadakne Do

A poignant yet hilarious family drama that explores the consequences of denying young adults the freedom to learn from their own mistakes.