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Interview: Hassan, Internally Displaced Person from Ladha, South Waziristan

“I spent 17 peaceful years in my village. But now I am a traveller, with no home to go back to.”

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Trouble in Paradise

Despite the defeat of the TTP in Swat, peace committee members continue to be targeted by militants.

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War Without End

Despite the army’s wide-ranging successes in its military operation, the militant threat refuses to go away.

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Book Review: Naseeruddin Shah Memoir

Understated but candid, Naseeruddin Shah’s memoir offers a vivid glimpse of parallel Indian cinema and theatre.

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Book Review:  The State of Islam

Toor’s The State of Islam offers an insightful account of how Islam has been used by assorted leaders in Pakistan to further their own interests and agendas.

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Art Review: Adeel uz Zafar

Adeel uz Zafar’s Stranger Than Fiction exhibition at Gandhara Art feels like a walk through a dystopian Disneyland.

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Book Review: Turkish Awakening

Ataturk’s Turkey underwent a ‘rebirth’ under its present leader, Tayyip Erdogan. It is this new, multi-layered Turkey that Alev Scott depicts in her first book.

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Interview: Dr Vali Reza Nasr

“The problem with Islamic fundamentalist thinking is that it is ahistorical”