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Movie Review: Interstellar

This science fiction epic is a celebration of life itself and what humans are capable of.

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Speaker’s Corner: Combating ISIS

Is military action the smartest option in dealing with ISIS? Unless the group’s access to financial capital and manpower is cut off, it will continue to proliferate.

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Go Goa Gone?

With its fast dwindling numbers, Karachi’s once thriving Goan community appears to be a memory of the past.

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Photo Essay: Indonesian Treasure Trove

A mixed media exhibition at the V.M. Art Gallery took visitors on a tour of the more remote and relatively unspoilt areas of Indonesia.

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Reluctant Partners

The 18th SAARC summit proved that unless member countries can overcome the years of mistrust, they will be unable to harness the true potential of the region.

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Liberal Classes

Pakistan’s first liberal arts institution, Habib University, offers the country’s youth an education experience unlike any before.

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A New Equation

Will Dr Ghani’s tenure spell a new chapter in Afghan-Pak relations or will the suspicions of the past continue to haunt the two neighbours?

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Book Review: Ghalib Danger

An action-packed page-turner, Ghalib Danger reads like a formulaic, masala-infested Bollywood script.