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Between Icons and Imperialists

Artists Taqi Shaheen and Aamir Habib explore the theme of drone attacks, within the wider context of imperialism, in their latest exhibition titled Drawn Attack.

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Photo Essay: The Unlikely Pilgrimage

Anthropologist Omar Kasmani shows us a different side of Sehwan Sharif, going beyond the images of shrines, saints and fakirs.

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The Caged Birds

Amir Raza and Hidayatullah Mirani offer social commentary in a group show titled Trapped at the Full Circle art gallery.

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Classic Film Review: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby looks flawless on the surface, but there is a hollowness to the plot and characters.

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Interview: Taimur Rahman (Laal)

“The fundamental contradictions of capitalism give rise spontaneously, daily and hourly to the movement for the emancipation of the working class.”

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Theatre Review: Aangan Terrha

Anwar Maqsood teams up with Dawar Mehmood and the KopyKats Production team to bring the hugely popular Aangan Terrha series to stage in Karachi.

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Movie Review: English Vinglish

Sridevi’s sensitive portrayal of an unappreciated mother and wife in English Vinglish will tug at your heartstrings.

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Kingdom of Fear

Where do we, who dream of a progressive and enlightened Pakistan, belong in this landscape that is increasingly dominated by rightist Islamists, who have embraced militancy and sectarianism?