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Loopholes of the Rich

The tax code and lax enforcement have combined to benefit the wealthy. The time for reform is now.

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Karachi Conference

The recently held Karachi Conference was a good initiative but needs to draw a larger audience.

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License to Kill?

Before making driving licenses mandatory for Karachi, shouldn’t the Sindh Police have streamlined the process first?

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Air Warp

Even as the world and other media move on, radio in Pakistan remains mired in the past.

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The Barbarians are here

The government is blind to the reality of IS’s presence in Pakistan.

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[21 Dec 2015 | One Comment | ]
Life on the Fringe

Between social stigma and the medical establishment’s indifference, mental healthcare in Pakistan is largely relegated to exorcisms by pirs and spurious treatments offered by quacks.

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Back to the Barracks

Drawing inspiration from global art, fresh IVSAA graduates use everyday objects to create an exhibit that is a departure from mainstream genres of art.

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Flames of Hate

Unless the state takes action against hate crimes, minorities will continue to remain an endangered species in Pakistan.