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Land, Lost

Taqi Shaheen and Aamir Habib’s works address the culture and the violence of the the land we live in.

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Style Conscience

There is increasing pressure on the fashion fraternity to go ‘ethical’ and luxury retail house Fashion Compassion is making waves in Pakistan and abroad for doing just that.

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Hanif Shehzad’s Ode to Karachi

Hanif Shehzad’s Karachi, painted with loving detail, exudes a peacefulness and tranquillity which has become foreign to this city.

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Au Naturel

Veteran photographer Javaid A. Khan has spent a lifetime capturing the beauty of the mountains and trees through his lens, without resorting to manipulation or trick filters.

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Battle for the White House

Barring some sort of an ‘October surprise,’ the likelihood of Obama’s re-election is marginally greater than Mitt Romney’s, says Mahir Ali, as he evaluates the two presidential candidates.

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Editor’s Note: October 2012

Should one expect to see more ministers adopt the agenda of the fundamentalist lobby henceforth, in order to save their own skin or curry favour with them?

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Burning Questions: The Karachi Factory Fire

The tragic fire in the Ali Enterprises factory was not only devastating in itself, but also exposed a vastly flawed system that reeks of corruption, inefficiency and negligence.

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See No Evil

Perhaps we need to look within ourselves before we block access to media sites to see what evil lurks in the hearts of men.