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Classic Film Review: Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus is a film about sexuality, repression and desire.

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Paradigm Shift

A diverse group of artists come together to showcase their unique works in an exhibition titled Analogical Paradigms.

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Exporting Traditions

From amateur makeup artists on Youtube gushing over Hashmi kajal to Pakistani expats craving the syrupy goodness of Rooh Afza, a handful of local products and brands have developed a surprising international presence over the years.

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The Artist as the Other

Sausan Saulat explores themes of identity and alienation in This, That and the Other.

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Between Icons and Imperialists

Artists Taqi Shaheen and Aamir Habib explore the theme of drone attacks, within the wider context of imperialism, in their latest exhibition titled Drawn Attack.

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Photo Essay: The Unlikely Pilgrimage

Anthropologist Omar Kasmani shows us a different side of Sehwan Sharif, going beyond the images of shrines, saints and fakirs.

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The Caged Birds

Amir Raza and Hidayatullah Mirani offer social commentary in a group show titled Trapped at the Full Circle art gallery.

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Book Review: Clifton Bridge

Irshad AbdulKadir’s debut collection of short stories offers a glimpse into the lives and times of contemporary Pakistan.