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Going For Gold: Kiran Aman

From designing jewellery to running a publishing house…Kiran Aman has made her mark.

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Undercover Director: Nabeel Qureshi

Director Nabeel Qureshi talks about the runaway success of his debut film as well as his future plans.

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The Inside Man: Omar Shahid Hamid

Police officer turned writer, Omar Shahid Hamid talks about his writing and what led to the transition.

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Creative Chaos: Jami

Director Jami talks about filmmaking in Pakistan, his disappointments and hopes for the future.

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Against All Odds:  Sarah Belal

Lawyer Sarah Belal has a reputation for taking on difficult cases no one else will touch.

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Letter From India

Is it only a fringe in the Hindutva family that is roiling India by pursuing its own controversial agenda, or does it have the blessings of the Prime Minister?

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America’s Dark Side

The recent deaths of black youth at the hands of policemen and a damning report on the CIA’s torture techniques, exposes the dark underside of a country that professes moral superiority.

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A League of Their Own

A lawyer, an author, a jewellery designer and two filmmakers – Newsline catches up with five Pakistanis who made a splash in 2014.