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Art Review: Uldus Bakhtiozina

Uldus Bakhtiozina’s photographic series cracks open gender stereotypes that are uncannily familiar and strike close to home.

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Tales From the Interior

A large proportion of men living in government forsaken rural settlements in interior Sindh are adding to their impoverishment by a gambling addiction.

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Pursukoon Karachi at Frere Hall

A fundraiser for ‘Pursukoon Karachi’ showcases the work of its talented artists.

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Opening New Doors

Government sponsored vocational schools and polytechnics are giving young people a chance to realize their dreams. But many more such schools are needed.

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Venice Biennale

By bringing together unseen and unseeing artistes from 53 countries, the Venice Biennale gives a voice to those on the fringe.

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The Islamic State of Pakistan?

With the Islamic State claiming attacks in Pakistan, the government will have to wake up to the gory reality.

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Classic Film Review: The Invisible Man

The 1933 adaptation of the H.G.Well’s novel, Invisible Man, is still spine-chilling.

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Upcoming Films: Bin Roye

A sneak preview of the eagerly anticipated film, Bin Roye.