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Movie Review: The Martian

With all its next-level-super-geek-science nerdiness, The Martian is a rollicking good ride.

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Battleground Superpower?

The Middle East could be undergoing a restructure as profound as that which followed the First World War nearly a century ago.

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Scarred Souls

There is little hope for timely justice for victims of acid crimes when provincial governments delay the framing and implemention of laws.

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The Eye of the Beholder

A recent exhibition examined beauty and beyond…

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Defining Identity

Akram Dost Baloch’s exhibit Shenakht is an invitation to a discourse on issues of identity.

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A Time For Justice

The historic verdict confirming Mumtaz Qadri’s death sentence could herald the dawn of much-needed reform in Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

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The Rigged Game

The local bodies elections in Sindh featured the same old faces and the same old intimidation tactics.

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Test of Wills

What was a mere by-election was turned into a battle for survival by the two leading contenders of PTI and PML-N.