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Movie Review: Whiplash

Some implausible elements aside, the fine acting, palpable tension and brilliant jazz music make Whiplash recommended viewing.

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Cutting Edge Tradition

An eclectic mix of old-world charm and a grown-up bohemian vibe, Misha Lakhani’s clothes are a reflection of her own personal style.

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Will the Real Muslim League Please Stand Up?

The Election Commission of Pakistan has 226 assorted Muslim Leagues on its register. Exactly
how did the original All-India Muslim League spawn so many clones?

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Interview: Basharat Peer

Prize-winning author and journalist Basharat Peer speaks to Newsline about how he came to write the script for the critically acclaimed Bollywood film Haider.

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The Future is Here

Cutting edge robotic surgery is there and now – and hopefully will be here and soon…

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The Culture of Silence

If the public and media abstain from protesting against state censorship, they are likely to abdicate cultural space to political bullies and extremists.

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And Then There Were None

Doctors in Karachi are increasingly being targeted, but neither the police nor the government are unduly concerned.

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Editor’s Note

As our political leaders scrambled to bolster their positions in the run up to the senate elections, the real issues facing the country remained on the back burner.