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The Dance of the Devout

Faiza Sheikh’s new portfolio draws from several spiritual and literary sources to register a message of tolerance and peace.

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Interview: Saima Mohsin

“Science, technology and a change in mindset will improve human life”

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Pakistani Journalists in the Hot Seat

Newsline speaks to the journalists accused of taking bribes from Malik Riaz to get their side of the story.

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Interview: Talat Hussain, Host of ‘News Night with Talat’ on Dawn News

“Most senior news anchors are masters of their own universe”

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Colour Me Beautiful: Kemon Hair Products Launch

Earlier in June, popular hair dye brand Kemon finally introduced itself to eager Pakistani customers.

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Anti-Skin or Anti-Women?

The religious right finds a new whipping boy: ad campaigns for lawn featuring good-looking women.

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Letter from India: Power, Parenthood and Prescription

The presidential election becomes a play for power, women stall motherhood for careers and doctors go on the offensive…

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Book Review: The Tiger’s Wife

Emile Chabal finds out whether Téa Obreht’s imaginative cross of folktale, animal magic and political parable in The Tiger’s Wife really works.