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Battle for the White House

Barring some sort of an ‘October surprise,’ the likelihood of Obama’s re-election is marginally greater than Mitt Romney’s, says Mahir Ali, as he evaluates the two presidential candidates.

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Editor’s Note: October 2012

Should one expect to see more ministers adopt the agenda of the fundamentalist lobby henceforth, in order to save their own skin or curry favour with them?

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Burning Questions: The Karachi Factory Fire

The tragic fire in the Ali Enterprises factory was not only devastating in itself, but also exposed a vastly flawed system that reeks of corruption, inefficiency and negligence.

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See No Evil

Perhaps we need to look within ourselves before we block access to media sites to see what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

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Dubai Dispatch:Interview with Sardar Abdul Qayyum, Owner of BBQ Tonight

“When people open Pakistani restaurants abroad they deviate from their origins and give it an Indian or Mughal name. We have maintained our Pakistani identity and by the grace of God we have done well.”

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Book Review: Escape From Oblivion

Ikram Sehgal’s memoir of a wartime escape combines historical events with a very personal narrative.

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Foreign Film Review: The Day He Arrives

The rather odd, yet poetic, Korean film The Day He Arrives remains quite obscure even though critics have sung its praises.

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Classic Movie Review: Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude is a delightfully dark, unapologetically weird thrill of a film that prods at the heart of the human condition – love.