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The Fair Affair

Zubeida Apa, known for her wise life hacks and beauty tips, has attracted the ire of the feminist types who are voicing their dissent against Pakistan’s obsession with fair skin.

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The MQM Quandary

Caught between the Rangers operation in Karachi, and money-laundering charges and Imran Farooq’s murder investigations in London, a frantic MQM threatens to bring Karachi to a halt.

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Book Review: Dharkan

Islamabad-based photographer, Mobeen Ansari, takes readers on a visual journey of sorts through Pakistan, with a series of portraits he took between 2010 till 2013.

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Interview: Dr Samia Mehrez

“The situation in Egypt is fluid, but there is no turning back.”

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Interview: Rashid Latif

“Merit is the answer to all of Pakistan cricket’s problems.”

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Starting From Scratch

Pakistan’s sombre exit from the Word T20 in Bangladesh has left the team in disarray. It’s time to shake things up at the PCB and get a working setup in the board if we want to see better results.

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Book Review: Islamic Fashion and Anti-Fashion

From the Canadian prairies to Eastern European countries, research reveals new elements that shape Muslim dress practices.

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Book Review: India’s Muslim Spring

With the increased ghettoisation among Muslims, post-Gujarat, is Hasan Suroor being too optimistic in claiming that a Muslim Spring is unfolding among the Muslim youth across India?