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The Good, the Bad, the Banal

Both emerging and established designers came together at Showcase – a fashion show organised by Rizwan Beyg in collaboration with Hello! magazine.

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Movie Review: A Separation

Asghar Farhadi’s Oscar-winning film A Separation is a meditation on family obligations, truth and morality.

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An Eerie Silence: Pakistan’s Missing People

Relatives of missing persons have set up camp outside the Parliament House in Islamabad. But will the government help them?

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Block and Ban: Internet Censorship in Pakistan

Pakistan’s digital space is threatened by officialdom’s blockade and a random filtering criteria.

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Movie Review: Saving Face

While Saving Face invokes horror and tragedy, it also strikes a positive note in the manner it depicts the fight of the acid attack victims and society to redress a grave issue.

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Book Review: Food Prints

Food Prints takes an in-depth look at the vast variety of ingredients and cooking techniques found in Pakistan.

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Letter from India: Holy Cows and Reel-Life Icons

How the mighty have fallen in Indian eyes with scandals rocking the defence forces – while a real hero has his day…

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Dubai Dispatch: The Eagles Rock

Rock legends the Eagles played to a massive audience of nearly 20,000 people of all nationalities at the Sevens Stadium in Dubai last week.