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Pakistan enters the 3G club

While the arrival of 3G and 4G spectrums herald the beginning of new possibilities for Pakistani consumers, the affordability and quality of service remains to be seen.

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Pakistan’s  Privatisation Party

Pakistan has a long history of using privatisation, but the PML-N’s penchant for privatisation takes the supposed economic approach to new heights.

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Book Review: Torment and Creativity

Shamim Ahmad takes a look at the relationship between literature and psychology and the disorders that influenced the writing of authors, from Shakespeare to Manto.

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A Battle of Wits

An Islamabad-based NGO uses humour to counter and expose the narrative used by extremist groups to recruit Pakistani youth to their cause.

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[26 Jun 2014 | 2 Comments | ]
Restaurant Review: The East End

The East End offers traditional Bohri specialities with a surprising twist.

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Artist Beyond Borders

New-York based Shahzia Sikandar uses tools of the digital age in her oeuvre to challenge the accepted notions of culture and identity.

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At War With Itself

Will the split within the TTP ranks help restart the stalled peace process or will it set the stage for further bloodshed in Pakistan?

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Balochistan’s Boko Haram

Teachers, parents and students have taken a stand against attempts to thwart education of girls in Makran.