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Women’s Rights Activists Under Attack in Pakistan

The brutal murder of Farida Afridi brings into focus the dangers that come with being a woman in this country – let alone a women’s activist.

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Confessions of a Male Pakistani Supermodel

Nomi Qamar talks to Newsline about the world of male modeling and menswear fashion.

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Queer and South Asian in Canada

Toronto’s vibrant Gay Pride Parade reveals how South Asian communities are no longer willing to remain confined to the closet.

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Toronto Dispatch: Art Provokes Dialogue

Toronto is now a destination where Pakistani artists exhibit regularly and share their multi-faceted identity.

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The Price of Parliament

Top-heavy, over-paid and underworked, members of Pakistan’s Parliament are, at best, little more than a drain on the economy.

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Open to Addiction

Pakistan’s authorities have allowed the open sale of tranquillisers by medical stores without any prescriptions, thereby exacerbating the risk of their misuse by the public.

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Haute Men: Male Modelling in Pakistan

If clothes maketh the man, then it must be the male models who maketh the clothes…