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[11 Jun 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Sex, Lies and VIPs

The unearthing of a prostitution ring forcing young women to service high-powered officials has caused a collective sense of outrage in the Kashmir Valley that eclipses the anger generated by years of political upheaval.

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For the People?

Bhutto and Sharif’s Charter of Democracy is not the talisman for instant admission to the world of democratic wonders but it is an essential step towards that goal.

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Return of the Khan

Just when Islamabad thought the AQ Khan case was history, the US accuses Pakistan of still benefiting from the scientist’s underground nuclear network.

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[8 Jun 2006 | Comments Off | ]

As Tripoli emerges from the diplomatic doghouse, Washington says other recalcitrant states should follow Libya’s lead.

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Interview: Naseeruddin Shah

“Every actor cannot play every part,” says actor Naseeruddin Shah.

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[4 Jun 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Under the Quilt

In a society that frowns upon alternate lifestyles, most lesbians in this country prefer to live their “illegal” love lives under the quilt.

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Stitch By Stitch

Tweet An unlikely crusader/artist is quietly penetrating the highly coveted luxury-end of the international home textiles market, carving a [...]

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Flights of Fantasy

Sculptor Humaira Abid translates her whims and fancies into eloquent statements on wood with finesse.