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[5 Nov 2006 | Comments Off | ]
The Aedes Factor

With 33 dead and amplified media coverage across the nation, the dengue fever outbreak has people worried. But with no cure, how do we stop it from becoming a major epidemic?

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Veiled Threats

Remarks by an Australian imam add fuel to a fiery debate in another continent about Muslim women wearing niqab in modern cosmopolitan societies. Is it time to abolish the veil in the west?

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[3 Nov 2006 | Comments Off | ]

“Religion can be abused like any other human activity,” says author Karen Armstrong.

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[2 Nov 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Finger Orderin’ Good

KFC hires disabled employees at some of its outlets.

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Reflections of Us All

Muneeza Shamsie presents a feast of fiction that proves that Pakistan’s women writers are adept at capturing – from every angle – the trials and events that shape us all: women, men and children.

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[17 Oct 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Musharraf’s Doublespeak

Though President Musharraf’s latest sojourn to the United States may have reinforced his status as America’s favourite dictator, his standing [...]

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[17 Oct 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Publicity Stunt?

General Musharraf’s state visit to the US ends up being a promotional tour for his memoirs.

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[13 Oct 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Accord and Discord

The peace accord signed between the tribal leaders and the Pakistan government in North Waziristan is being viewed with increasing skepticism by the Karzai administration.