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Editor’s Note: April 2006

We have sunk to the most brutal depths of depravity defying all norms of humanity. A film doing the rounds in Waziristan shows the local Taliban perpetrating the most bestial acts on fellow tribesmen in Miramshah.

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Senators for Sale

MPAs are being taken to task for indulging in horsetrading in the recent elections for Senate seats from the NWFP.

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[10 Apr 2006 | Comments Off | ]
‘Traitors’ No More?

Pakistani decision-makers have finally crossed an important psychological barrier as far as some erstwhile ‘ghaddar’ Kashmiri leaders are concerned.

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[9 Apr 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Death in the Mines

With no access to even basic medical amenities, coal miners continue to work in horrendous, life-threatening conditions.

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[6 Apr 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Interview: Mekaal Hassan

“Don’t expect any hulla gulla concert from our band,” says Mekaal Hassan.

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Collateral Damage

‘Hear no evil, see no evil and consequently,’ says the Government of Pakistan, ‘do no evil.’

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[3 Apr 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Double Take

During Zia-ul-Haq’s era, calligraphy was touted as the medium of the moment and the body was put down as a taboo subject. In an exhibition at Amin Gulgee’s Gallery, young and senior artists bridge the divide…

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[2 Apr 2006 | Comments Off | ]
Bandit Kings

Sahito traces the causes behind the rise of dacoits in Sindh in the ’80s and ’90s.