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Potter of the Spirit

Mazhar ul Islam draws on Pakistani folklore and Sufism to create his poignant and magical stories, but with themes of love, injustice and loneliness, his tales are universal and undeniably haunting.

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The Battle for Balochistan

Tweet As soon as news of Nawab Akbar Bugti’s death broke, mobile phone screens across the country registered a blitz of SMS messages, mourning, [...]

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Interview: Jamil Bugti

“When mobs in Karachi burn down public property, is military action taken against them?” asks Jamil Bugti.

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The End Game

With Balochistan spinning out of control, Musharraf’s military-led government faces its greatest threat yet.

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Editor’s Note: September 2006

Assorted government spokespersons still continue to give their own version on Bugti’s death, and no two versions converge.

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The Pakistan Connection

Though Pakistani security sources claim that the plan to blow up airliners over the Atlantic was a home-grown British plot, a sms originating from Lahore and ties to the shadowy Al-Jihad group make Pakistan’s involvement indisputable.

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Islam’s Real Enemies

Islam is under threat, not so much from its purported enemies, as from bigots who are intent upon hijacking it for their own nefarious designs, says Mahir Ali.

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Civic Collapse

In Karachi, the saying holds true: when it rains, it pours. But does it have to flood?