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General Figures

How much is a general worth in real estate terms?

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Editor’s Note: July 2006

Ten ISI men, led by a major, kidnapped and beat up an 80-year-old man, his daughter-in-law and two teenaged grandsons, who had dared to take on an ISI official’s son in an innocent playground brawl.

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Kangaroo Courts

Tribal jirgas continue to sway women’s lives in a society riven with contradictions.

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The Disappearing Act

Pakistanis returning from India after serving various jail terms are being taken into custody by local intelligence authorities to determine their loyalties.

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In the Line of Fire

Hayatullah’s murder is a grim reminder of the perils of chasing a story in Waziristan.

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Reversal of Fortune

The Supreme Court moves to reverse the controversial PSM privatisation.

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Songs of Protest

The bubbling discontentment amongst Americans against the Iraq war may “derive from the incompetent manner in which it has been handled rather than the illegality and immorality,” writes Mahir Ali, but even this “is a small step in the right direction.”

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Interview: Dr. Nawal El Saadawi

“George Bush and Bin Laden are twins,” says Dr. Nawal El Saadawi.