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Biking in the Times of Madrassah Hafsa

Have Pakistan’s dispossessed classes reached a stage where they are willing to abandon secularism and embrace the ideology of extremist groups like Hafsa in the hope of securing a just and equitable society?

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[11 May 2007 | Comments Off | ]
Editor’s Note: May 2007

The lawyers refuse to say die, and their pro-Justice Chaudhry campaign is fast developing into a “Go Musharraf, go” movement

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[10 May 2007 | Comments Off | ]
Eviction or Safe Passage?

Islamabad points to the eviction of Uzbek militants from Wana by pro-Taliban tribesmen as proof that its accords are working. But western critics remain sceptical.

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[9 May 2007 | Comments Off | ]
In Pakistan’s Shadow

Giving an overview of the political crisis in Bangladesh, Mahir Ali draws uncanny parallels between the political situations of Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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[8 May 2007 | Comments Off | ]
Retro Revival

Designer duo Nickie and Nina’s summer collection.

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[6 May 2007 | Comments Off | ]
Interview: Shoaib Malik

“I will never stop anyone from fulfilling his religious duties,” says Shoaib Malik.

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[5 May 2007 | Comments Off | ]
Women’s Voices

Women writers get together to discuss how the web of censorship affects women’s voices.

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[4 May 2007 | Comments Off | ]
The Truth Hurts

Western focus of the Middle East crisis has been on the Arab world’s refusal to accept Israel. While maintaining an even hand, Carter’s book shows the other side: Israel’s refusal to give Palestinians basic human rights.