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Past Forward

M.J. Akbar’s Blood Brothers, makes a significant contribution to the emerging awareness of South Asia’s contemporary reality, while exorcising the tra uma of petition.

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The New Land Barons?

How the army acquires land at throwaway prices.

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Interview: Major General Shaukat Sultan

“There is no plot that is free of cost no matter what the person’s rank,” says Major General Shaukat Sultan, DG, ISPR.

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General Figures

How much is a general worth in real estate terms?

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Editor’s Note: July 2006

Ten ISI men, led by a major, kidnapped and beat up an 80-year-old man, his daughter-in-law and two teenaged grandsons, who had dared to take on an ISI official’s son in an innocent playground brawl.

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Kangaroo Courts

Tribal jirgas continue to sway women’s lives in a society riven with contradictions.

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The Disappearing Act

Pakistanis returning from India after serving various jail terms are being taken into custody by local intelligence authorities to determine their loyalties.

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In the Line of Fire

Hayatullah’s murder is a grim reminder of the perils of chasing a story in Waziristan.