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Interview: Qazi Faez Isa

“This is the Law of the Jungle,” says Qazi Faez Isa, Barrister and advocate of the Supreme Court.

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Valley of Fear

Despite a shaky truce, unresolved issues between militants and the government mean that tensions in the Swat valley remain as high as ever.

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Filling the Void

In the midst of a television blackout, Pakistanis rely on technology, both old and new, to get the instant news they have come to depend on, writes Talib Qizilbash.

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[12 Nov 2007 | Comments Off | ]
Editor’s Note: November 2007

Musharraf’s imposition of emergency comes as a major disappointment, but not a surprise.

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Fuel to the Fire

Turkey’s threat of using force against the Kurds in Northern Iraq could overturn a fragile balance.

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Safety in Numbers?

Despite a host of security measures, the PPP’s desire to put on a big show on October 18 ends up being the biggest security breach of the day

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Make Music, Not War

Srinagar’s first pop group, Immersions, born out of a yearning for peace and normalcy, is making waves in the valley and the rest of India.

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Graceful Falls

A 15-year veteran in the Pakistani fashion industry, Nudrat Shahid says that saris have made a big comeback this year.