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Does America have Pakistan’s Best Interest at Heart?

Historically, US aid to Pakistan has been tied to America’s geopolitical goals.

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Profile: Lubna Agha

In this final requiem to a bold and pioneering artist, Lubna Agha’s husband describes her life and the aesthetic of her work in poignant detail.

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Interview: Samiya Mumtaz

“Female characters have moved beyond the stereotype, but only superficially”

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Preying for Power in Lyari

Politicians scavenge for votes in Lyari but turn a blind eye to the corpses that have lined up as a result of the endless turf war.

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Controversial Conviction: Dr Shakeel Afridi

Dr Shakeel Afridi has been sentenced 33 years in prison, but if the US had its way, he would be feted as a hero.

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[21 Jun 2012 | One Comment | ]
Balochistan: The Writing on the Wall

Zohra Yusuf, chairperson of the Human Rights Commission Pakistan, writes about the HRCP’s latest mission to Balochistan and the tragedies that occur there daily.

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Art Reflecting Art

Shahid Sajjad’s sculptures are seen in a new light as they become the focus of Arif Mahmood’s photography.

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Dead on Arrival: Sindh’s Missing Persons

The Balochistan tragedy is being replayed in Sindh as bullet-riddled bodies of Sindhi nationalists who went missing are being recovered from unlikely places.