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Interview: Uzair Baloch and Zafar Baloch, People’s Amn Committee

“I have taken an oath on the Kalima that if I am the son of a Baloch I will never return to the People’s Party.”

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US-Pak Relations Through the Decades

Pakistan’s relationship with Uncle Sam has nose-dived post-Chicago, but the empire and its attendant arms have always used a usually obsequious Pakistan for their own vested interests.

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Spring Into Fall: Islamabad Fashion Week

Islamabad Fashion Week Autumn/Winter showcased clothes by both veteran and emerging designers.

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Movie Review: Dark Shadows

When it comes to Tim Burton’s latest film, Dark Shadows, the word bizarre is an understatement.

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Interview: Nadia Jamil

“Our channels feed into the stereotype of emotionally incapacitated women.”

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A Dirge from Balochistan

Akram Dost’s polychromatic portfolio is no more. It has been replaced by harsh, bleak shadows – reflective of the Baloch people’s long state of disenfranchisement.

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When Protectors Become Predators

A closer inspection of the Pakistani police force reveals its flawed structure and deep-rooted culture of violence.

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Book Review: Between Clay and Dust

Through the characters of a prostitute and a pahalwan, Musharraf Farooqi’s narrative recreates the last vestiges of a dying world.