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In the Flesh

From Leonardo da Vinci to Lucien Freud, Irfan Hasan’s works are a nod to all the greats of Realism.

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Book Review: The Gatekeeper’s Wife and other stories

UK-based author Rukhsana Ahmad’s The Gatekeeper’s Wife and other stories offers a rich tapestry of characters and their diverse experiences.

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Interview: Geo TV

“If we are working on some foreign-funded agenda, don’t you think the ISI would have taken us to court?”

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A Bridge Too Far?

Bahria Town’s Clifton flyover project has stirred controversy and led to a series of lawsuits. Not only does the project jeopardise a 150-year-old Hindu temple, and adjoining historical landmarks, but there is also doubt about whether the project’s approval process was above board.

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Cantt Station’s New Face

Karachi’s Cantt station gets a spanking new face as the Pursukoon Karachi Society attempts to restore its lost glory, slowly but surely.

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Movie Review: Jal

Though an intelligent film, Jal crams far too many issues in one go, without exploring any in a meaningful way.

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Disney Has Left the Building

The Walt Disney Company has withdrawn its production of merchandise from several countries, including Pakistan, for non-compliance with international labour laws. Does the blame lie with the textile industry alone, or is the government equally culpable?

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Editor’s Note: May 2014

Yes, Geo has erred; yes, it has crossed the red line – and it is being censured for it. But the ISI does not enjoy a clean slate either.