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Pistols at Dawn

The fight between Zulfiqar Mirza and Asif Zardari is good, bad, ugly – and at times

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School of Rot?

Does our educational system produce questioning minds which can think out of the box and challenge existing notions? Or are we breeding a generation of extremists?

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Collateral Damage?

While the Karachi Operation has eliminated many criminals and militants, the local police has paid the price: they have become a victim of revenge killings.

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Installation Art at Liberty Market

Rashid Rana’s installation in Lahore for the Venice Biennale engenders genuine contact between cultures courtesy video link, but also throws up questions about some of the choices made.

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Corridor of Power

Any attempt to make Gwadar the crucial doorway of the US$ 46 billion Sino-Pak economic corridor, without addressing Baloch concerns, will backfire.

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Axacting Revenge?

Was the shadowy tech company brought down by its own criminality or was it the victim of a media conspiracy?

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Editor’s Note: June 2015

How does a country conduct its war on terror if the main functionaries of the state are engaged in their own turf wars?

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Interview: Zaheer Abbas

Cricket legend , Zaheer Abbas, talks to Newsline about what ails the sport in the country today.