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Editor’s Note: October 2014

For too long now, hapless citizens of this country have been victims of what is referred to as the “VIP culture.”

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PTI: Promises, Promises

With its inability to fulfil even a few of its myriad election promises, the PTI’s honeymoon in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa proves to be short-lived.

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Interview: Dr Nehal Masood

“The politics of stem cell therapy is a very real issue, but it should be kept separate from scientific progress” – Dr Nehal Masood, Section Head, Medical Oncology, Aga Khan University.

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A New Lease of Life?

New-age stem cell therapy is here and happening…

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Culture Collision

Themes of gender, identity, politics and pop culture overlap on Faiza Butt’s canvas.

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Cover Story: All the General’s Men?

Has the alleged Military-Khan-Qadri script not played out according to plan?

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In Memoriam: Shahid Sajjad

Sculptor, sage, humanist, Shahid Sajjad truly lived, when most people merely exist.

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The Ghost in the Darkness

The presence of foreign militants in Balochistan is not a new development for the province, but the attack on Samungli and Khalid airbases in Quetta indicates the threat they pose to our defence installations.