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The New Voice of the Nation

Muzzle, maim, murder the media, but you can’t keep citizen journalism down – as Pakistan’s social media so clearly demonstrates.

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Lights, Camera, Action

Pakistan’s film industry sees the genesis of a new age of cinema

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Still Waiting in the Wings

Despite the Pakistani woman’s hard-won gains, more often than not, she remains a second class citizen in her own country.

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Creative Destruction  at the Speed of Light

Pakistan’s economic outlook is in need of a quantum shift.

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At the Crossroads Again

Can the war against militancy be won by the army alone?

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Back to the Future

Pakistan’s ‘democratic’ coming of age is short-lived as the country slides back into the army’s lap.

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The Curse of the Liquid Diet

Liquid diets are not only a deprivation but are also traumatic for your digestive and nervous systems.

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The Best of Times

Pakistani artists make a definitive mark in the international art world.