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Budget 2014-15: What’s in it for the poor?

This year’s budget presented by the PML-N has been centred around economic growth. The question is, whether this growth will be achieved at the expense of the masses.

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Editor’s Note: July 2014

Islamabad is rife with rumours of a change of government. Could the conspiracy theorists be right, this time round? Will democracy be dismantled, yet again, by the democrats themselves?

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Interview: Zara Peerzada

“I find fashion in the oddest of places.”

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Cover Story: PML-N’s Year to Nowhere

At the end of its first year in power, the Sharif government is confronted with a deepening political crisis and talk of mid-term polls dominates everywhere.

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Book Review: Women Writing Violence

Shreerekha Subramanian’s book pushes you to deconstruct your concept of community and to imagine it in a completely new way.

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In Memoriam: Rashid Rehman

Will anyone be brave enough, like Rashid Rehman, to rise to the challenge of defending a blasphemy-accused?

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Hawaa Hawaai

The film makes one believe that a skating competition is more about a struggle for respect, honour and achievement for young slum-dwellers.

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BCW 2014: Class Act

Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014 proves that bridal fashion doesn’t have to be predictably monotonous.