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Ups and Downs: The Biggest Events of 2011

More than a month into 2012, the past year already feels like a distant memory. Newsline has compiled some of the biggest events of 2011 as a reminder of the many tragedies and occasional triumphs that took place not so long ago.

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Break the Silence: Fighting Sexual Harassment Together

During a seminar at SZABIST, Dr Fouzia Saeed questioned the norms of Pakistani society and asked the attendees to stand up for gender equality once and for all, saying, “I’m counting on your generation.”

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Fashion Forward: Shamaeel Ansari’s Lawn Collection

Shamaeel Ansari’s latest lawn collection ‘Best of Pakistan’ offers everything from vivid, multi-coloured prints to subdued whites.

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[11 Feb 2012 | 2 Comments | ]
All the Khan’s Men: Imran Khan and the Turncoats

Will Imran Khan succeed in juggling a bevy of heavyweights who are diametrically opposed to him and to each other?

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Imran Khan: On Politics in Pakistan

“Pakistan is a rich, rich country,” says Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s, Imran Khan, in an interview to the Indian publication, Hardnews.

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The Art of Survival

As writers from several countries make their way to the 3rd Karachi Literature Festival this weekend, questions about life in Pakistan are probably foremost in their minds. Here is what some Pakistani writers had to say about how to survive in Pakistan in 2012.

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Newsline Documentary To Be Screened at LUMS International Film Festival

Kis Say Munsafi Chahain, a documentary by Newsline Films, is to be screened at FiLUMS 2012 this February.

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Interview:  Shadab Zeest Hashmi

“I’m very interested in discovering overlaps between cultures.”