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Classic Film Review: East of Eden

East of Eden launched James Dean’s short acting career in a role that was similar to his portrayal of Jim Stark, propelling him as the poster-boy of teenage angst for generations to come.

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Film Review: Waar

Propaganda aside, Waar is a visually stunning, action-packed film that will win over Pakistani audiences.

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Book Review: The Cuckoo’s Calling

The originator of the Harry Potter series tries her hand at a new genre – detective fiction – and with success.

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Youtube: Watch and Learn

Banning YouTube has deprived Pakistanis of opportunities to learn and interact with the world.

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Interview: Amna Ilyas

“I still fight to retain my dark complexion.”

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Classic Film Review: Black Narcissus

Black Narcissus is a film about sexuality, repression and desire.

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Paradigm Shift

A diverse group of artists come together to showcase their unique works in an exhibition titled Analogical Paradigms.

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Exporting Traditions

From amateur makeup artists on Youtube gushing over Hashmi kajal to Pakistani expats craving the syrupy goodness of Rooh Afza, a handful of local products and brands have developed a surprising international presence over the years.