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Polio: Mission Impossible

Why is Pakistan failing in its mission to eradicate polio?

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‘Pakistaniness’ and the New Orientalism

In Pakistani art circles, Shahzia Sikander has been treated as an outsider for not “engaging with the community.” It begs the philosophical question as to what makes Pakistani art ‘Pakistani.’

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Interview: Shobhaa De

“I have a problem with self-inflicted torture / martyrdom. Especially when women glorify suffering and sacrifice”

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The YouTube Conundrum

Are there ulterior motives behind continuing with the block on YouTube? Is religion being used as a pretext to control the public’s access to critical information?

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Polio: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Pakistan is making headlines, once again. This time, for being the largest exporter of the polio virus. And the resultant international travel curbs, have incited the ire of the nation.

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Editor’s Note: June 2014

Unless Honour Killing is made a non-compoundable offence, murderers will go scot-free, and many other Farzanas will continue to be bludgeoned to death.

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The Pakistani Media: ‘Seth’ vs State

A war of attrition is brewing between the owners of media conglomerates and the state. So what is the solution to this crisis?

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The Fair Affair

Zubeida Apa, known for her wise life hacks and beauty tips, has attracted the ire of the feminist types who are voicing their dissent against Pakistan’s obsession with fair skin.