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Ripples of Sublimity

Meher Afroz’s spiritual quest takes her on yet another divinely aesthetic journey.

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Gift of Life: SIUT’s Organ Donation Drive

Misgivings about organ transplants fuelled by religious concerns have prevented people from pledging their organs to help patients with fatal health problems.

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Book Launch: The Cave

Marking’s Publishing launched Emad S. Rahim’s collection of poems The Cave at the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture.

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The Chat Room: Minority Report

What are the fears and concerns of Pakistan’s minority communities? Does the government offer any protection to the vulnerable and persecuted? Will we let extremists have the last say? Join Newsline for a live chat at 7pm today to discuss all this and more.

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Classic Movie Review: Rear Window (1954)

In Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, people’s voyeuristic nature is put under the microscope.

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The Billion-Dollar Question of Siachen

While the cost of human lives lost at Siachen is incalculable, the cost of the Siachen adventure to Pakistan’s exchequer is also staggering.

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Movie Review: Mirror, Mirror

This cinematic rendition of Snow White may not end up as the most memorable version of the classic fairytale.

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Book Review: Mohajir Militancy in Pakistan

Nichola Khan’s study is a comprehensive overview of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s militant ethos and an analysis of the culture of violence fostered by the party.