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In Black & White: Imran Mudassar’s Latest Solo Show

Even with a limited colour palette, Imran Mudassar extensively explores the relationship between war and the individual.

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ISI on the Backfoot?

The role of the ISI, post Memogate and Mehrangate, may have come under increasing scrutiny, but its institutional power still remains unchallenged.

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From the Archives: An Interview with Asif Ali Zardari

Newsline takes you back in time to the year 1990 when Asif Zardari had claimed, “If the party comes into power again, I will be sure to put my little bit in…”

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Book Review: Working with Sharks

A personal account of the sexual harassment faced by 11 female employees at the UNDP, Working with Sharks will ring a bell with several working women who face similar problems but are unable to confront the offenders.

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[11 Apr 2012 | One Comment | ]
Dubai Dispatch: Gourmet Gathering

Fine food and lots more wowed expats and locals at Dubai’s premier food festival last month.

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Karachi: City of Blights

Has anyone imagined a scenario where Karachi was a person? How much psychotherapy would it need?

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Star Scribe: Zohra Yusuf

Zohra Yusuf wins a prestigious APNS award for her feature for Newsline.

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Lecture: An Archeological Enigma

Professor Monique Kervran, of the Sorbonne University in Paris, gave a talk on her archeological research on Damrilah: the sister town of Thatta and Daybul at the Mohatta Palace Museum.