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Newsline Doc Travels to Kerala

Search for Justice will be screened at the ViBGYOR Film Festival in India Kerala.

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Video: Author Ayesha Salman Talks About Her Debut Novel

Ayesha Salman describes her debut novel, Blue Dust, an emotional story that follows three generations of a family in Pakistan and the Middle East.

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Pakistan-India Trade: Are Stronger Economic Ties for Real?

Before this week’s trade meetings, there have been promises of visa reform, and soon Pakistan is supposed to supply India with a new “negative list” detailing the goods that cannot be exported from India into Pakistan.

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Profile: Ardeshir Cowasjee

Pakistan’s most widely read veteran columnist, Ardeshir Cowasjee, is as delightfully irreverent in life as he is in his columns.

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Yousuf Raza Gilani Plays Both Good Cop and Bad Cop

From being viewed as a pliant puppet, Prime Minister Gilani may yet end up altering the civil-military balance in favour of the civilians.

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Comic-Kazes: The Rise of Pakistan’s Cartoonists

The recent growth and popularity of comics in the country proves that Pakistanis are starved for humour that addresses local themes and issues.

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Theatre Review: Tom, Dick and Harry

Shah Sharahbeel’s latest adaptation chronicles an ordinary day in the life of a couple and exposes some humorous and whacky contradictions.

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Editor’s Note: February 2012

Who do the relatives of victims of sectarian killings turn to for justice – and future security?