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Movie Review: Take This Waltz

Independent filmmaker Sarah Polley carries out a close examination of the fragility of human relationships.

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Classic Movie Review: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Marilyn Monroe steals the show in Howard Hawks’ wonderfully whimsical adaptation of a musical from 1949.

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Pakistani Media Caught In the Eye of the Storm

Plagued by unprofessionalism, vested interests, twisted values and domineering commercialism, Pakistani media is groaning under the weight of its own contradictions.

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Less is More

In addition to releasing an exciting new line of processors, Intel will also be launching a revolutionary new category of laptops, titled the Ultrabook series.

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The Big Summer Read

Earlier in June, Oxford University Press launched ‘Dosti Kitabon Sey’, a weekly venture aimed at promoting the joy of reading among children through a series of exciting events and workshops.

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Profile: The Late Mehdi Hassan

Mehdi Hasan’s death spells the end of ghazal’s finest hour.

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Split Allegiances?

Does holding two passports compromise one’s loyalty? Newsline held a live chat to debate this question. Here’s an excerpt from what was discussed.

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Movie Review: Ferrari ki Sawari

Taglined ‘Small Guys, Big Dreams,’ Ferrari ki Sawari appeals to every ordinary South Asian bloke’s desire to hit a sixer at Lords and zoom down the street in a red Ferrari.