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Movie Poster Warehouse: Dumb and Dumber

The original tagline for the film is “If they each had half a brain, together they would still only have half a brain.” Still rings true for these two.

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US Looking to Negotiate With the Taliban

Does Pakistan figure in the face-saving deal that the US is trying to thrash out with the Taliban in Doha?

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Jimmy Engineer: A Life More Acknowledged

The book launch for a mammoth bio-epic on artist and social crusader Jimmy Engineer took place in Karachi recently, where fans and luminaries paid tribute to the innovative Pakistani.

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The 2011 Hall of Fame

For Newsline’s Annual 2012 issue, Nadir Hassan compiled a list of people who made Pakistan proud in 2011.

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[27 Jan 2012 | One Comment | ]
In Good  Times And In Bad…

Newsline looks back at the biggest events of 2011 and gives them a satirical spin.

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Playing God: A TV Host and Abuse of Power

What impression are we giving the world by being so haughty and by undertaking moral-policing? What lessons are we teaching our children? And what dangers are we exposing people to?

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The Return of the Holy Warriors

Anti-US sentiment and anti-government chants formed the rallying cry of a cabal of religious groups, including some terrorist organisations, who joined together to form a coalition called the Difaa-e-Pakistan Council.

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Pakistan’s Spin Zone

This is where “breaking news” is ‘broken’ in such a way that it can never be ‘fixed.’ And here, Pakistanis, in general, buy the spin and live happily ever after.