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Quadrum Bring World Music to Pakistan

Four drummers bring soul-stirring rhythms from across the world to the walled city of Lahore.

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Cricket: More Shame Than Glory?

Corruption in cricket has only grown over the years – not just in the subcontinent, but globally.

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In Focus: Pakistani Street Photography

A group of photographers take to the streets and capture glimpses of everyday Pakistan.

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Khalid Anam and EMI Bring Pakistani Music to the Forefront

Khalid Anam and EMI Pakistan take the initiative to provide Pakistani children with Urdu ‘edutainment’ as well as to promote local music.

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Book Review: How Pakistan Negotiates With the United States

Who are the major players in Pakistan’s negotiations with the US – and how do they operate? The Schaffers reveal all the players and mechanisms in place.

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A New Law for Women

December 12, 2011, will go down as a historic day for all women in Pakistan: new legislation decrees that hate crimes against women and cultural norms to shackle women will be punishable by law.

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Past Forward: Exhibition on Pakistan and Bangladesh’s Shared History

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan and VASL Artists’ Collective commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1971 Bangladesh War with a history exhibition.

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Silk: The Dirty Picture

What will Vidya Balan bring to her role as Silk Smitha? Will this film examine the oppressive pressures that corrode the self-worth of women; or will it be yet another Dirty Picture, recreating yet another voyeuristic journey?