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Interview: Dr Fouzia Saeed

“We need to be smart and respectful with all stakeholders. Bashing them and complaining doesn’t help. We need to know how laws are made and do our homework ”

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Catalysts for Change

Will the passage of a spate of gender-specific laws change the lives of women in Pakistan?

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Book Review: Remembering 1971

Looking at the collective impact of the separation of East Pakistan, the author reveals stories of brutality and resistance of the women and men who were caught in the trauma of the ’71 war.

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Marking Steps: Pakistani Women Artists

Five women artists bring their own perspectives to life on canvas for an exhibit at Nomad Gallery.

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How Reggae Resonates with Pakistan’s Political Climate

Aman Azhar believes that reggae lyrics, which often critique the socio-political order, resonate in Pakistan’s ever-increasing dysfunction.

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Collective Introspective: Koel Celebrates its Third Anniversary

A group show organised to celebrate Koel Gallery’s third anniversary, brought 85 artists together under one roof.

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What Went Wrong in the Match Against India

In the first half of the match, it seemed that Pakistan had done enough to secure a win. But when India came on to bat, they exposed the many flaws in Pakistani bowling and went on to win the match quite comfortably.

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Highlights of Pakistan’s Batting Against India

Newsline takes a look at Pakistan’s phenomenal batting against India in the Asia Cup match.