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[28 Dec 2010 | 27 Comments | ]
Interview: Dr Khalid Zaheer, Religious Scholar

“A law that punishes people who are involved in the act of blasphemy, to me, is not directly derived from the Quran,” says this scholar.

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[27 Dec 2010 | One Comment | ]
Interview: Iqbal Haider, Former Secretary General, HRCP

“The most barbaric and inhumane practices are being propagated in the name of religion in Pakistan,” says Iqbal Haider.

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Interview: Sherry Rehman, MNA with the PPP

When it comes to either a repeal or amendments of the blasphemy laws, Sherry Rehman says that “there is very little appetite for both.”

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Pandora’s Law

Observers and experts say that mob violence and police brutality in blasphemy cases are followed up by sluggish courts, subjecting the accused to long periods in jail, high legal costs and repeated court appearances.

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[18 Nov 2010 | Comments Off | ]
New Book: The Scorpion’s Tail

Zahid Hussain’s new book is a hair-raising account of the ground realities in the war against terror and a lucid examination of what the US and Pakistan fear.

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[31 Aug 2010 | 3 Comments | ]
Cricket’s Holy Men

The bearded icon Inzamam-ul-Haq’s reign as captain was marked by a distinct Islamisation of the Pakistan cricket team. Did this lead to a slump in their performance, as was being alleged?

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Interview: Atiya Khan, documentary filmmaker and designer

Atiya Khan: “I think something happened after 9/11. There was a shift in energy and the collective human consciousness”

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Interview: Ali Azmat, musician (former member of Junoon)

Ali Azmat: “Our media has painted Islam in such a manner that every time you think of it, you think of the Taliban”

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[22 Aug 2010 | 6 Comments | ]
Why the Ground Zero Mosque is Counterproductive

On the Ground-Zero mosque: “Unfortunately, the stand of bleeding-heart liberals is based on ignorance and guilt.”

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[6 Aug 2010 | One Comment | ]
Former Pak Ambassador Akbar Ahmed on the Daily Show

Sadly, going on shows such as Jon Stewart’s, it is most likely that he is preaching to the converted.