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[30 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Looking Back at Mirza’s Game-Changing Press Conference

Newsline asked three analysts, Amir Zia, Ghazi Salahuddin, and I.A. Rehman to give their take on what they heard during Zulfiqar Mirza’s two-hour solo diatribe.

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[30 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Loose Cannon?

What are the consequences of Zulfiqar Mirza’s diatribe for the PPP, Sindh and the crises-ridden state of Pakistan?

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[30 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | ]
The Shape of Things to Come

Zulfiqar Mirza’s diatribe will be damaging to the PPP’s policy of reconciliation and to democracy itself.

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[30 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Whirlwind of Change?

The timing of Mirza’s flaming disclosures lends credence to the rumours that the doctor may prove to be a game-changer.

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[20 Sep 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Governing Pakistan’s Cities: Local Bodies or Commissionerate System?

In the wrangle to restore the commissionerate system in Pakistan and retain the local bodies system in Karachi, political parties are at odds with each other about the right solution.

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[9 Sep 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Editor’s Note: September 2011

What prompted Sindh’s senior minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza to lash out at the MQM and federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik when his own party was in talks with the MQM to bring them back into the cabinet?

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[25 Aug 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Karachi: A Mess of a Metropolis

Some want to bring in the Army. Others seek to boost police and Ranger numbers. With political tussles continuing, Karachi is a city abandoned, left to make the best of a worsening situation.

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[25 Aug 2011 | 5 Comments | ]
Who Will Lead Pakistanis and Bridge Ethnic Divides?

The recent violence in Karachi, with a hundred people dead in six days, desperately calls for someone to take a stand.

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[23 Aug 2011 | 2 Comments | ]
Tears and Trauma in Karachi: Who is to Blame for the Cycle of Violence?

When will the government and political parties realise the grave consequences of the catastrophe that is unfolding in Karachi due to their selfish motives and poisonous speeches?

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[22 Aug 2011 | Comments Off | ]
Deweaponise and Depoliticise: Fixing the Cycle of Violence in Karachi

How can one stem Karachi’s descent into total anarchy?